Faucet & Sink Accessories

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    WaterSense® certified Aerators. Save Water. Save Money.

    Want to save water? Replace your kitchen or bathroom faucet aerator with a new WaterSense certified aerator. Installation is quick and easy. All of BrassCraft Mfg.’s WaterSense certified aerators carry the WaterSense logo.

    BrassCraft Manufacturing carries a complete line of faucet aerators, faucet adaptors, sink sprayers and hoses, pull-out faucet spouts, drain pop-up stoppers, sink and shower strainers, and rubber sink stoppers.

    See our Service Parts Catalog for a complete line of Faucet Repair Kits and Sink Accessories.

    Ask your favorite retailer for BrassCraft faucet repair parts.

    *WaterSense® is a registered trademark of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


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